Eremeran will be closed until further notice.

A Study Centre for girls and young women
that works along side parents to help their children achieve their full potential

Statement in Response to COVID-19

Eremeran Hills Study Centre is closed until further notice because we have been informed by NSW Health that individuals who have attended activities organised by Eremeran have tested positive to Covid-19.

Our highest priority is with the health and safety of the people who attend activities of Eremeran. We have been in contact with the people affected and we are working closely with NSW Health to assist them in their contact tracing in order to contain the outbreak.

Eremeran has sought to follow COVID-Safe protocols including social distancing, best practice for maintaining hygiene, not providing food at activities, keeping a detailed record of attendance, providing hand sanitizer, etc. We have also encouraged anyone who is feeling unwell to refrain from attending the Study Centre.

Eremeran will undergo a deep clean in the coming days.

At this stage we can confirm that there was a recent retreat attended by five high school girls in year 10 and 11 organised by Eremeran and held at Bargo Conference Centre. All Eremeran staff have currently tested negative, including those who supervised the retreat. We are continuing to assist NSW Health in their endeavours to ascertain whether this may have contributed to the outbreak.

It is not possible to comment further at this time as NSW Health is continuing its contact tracing and investigation into the source of the outbreak. We also have a responsibility to respect the privacy of the affected individuals and families.

Sydney, 12 August 2020

Club & Study

Every day after school high school students attend Supervised Study Sessions at the Study Centre. The girls are encouraged to develop strong study habits in a quiet, distraction-free environment.


One of the main aims of Eremeran is to nurture, from a young age, a culture of service and awareness of the needs of others. The opportunity of making a difference, no matter how small, in the life of another, enables young people to acquire invaluable life skills and mature in their understanding of the world. We offer regular volunteering opportunities as well as Service Projects.


University students and young professionals participate in activities which aimto develop leadership and work ethics, deepen their faith, and enlarge and streng then their friendships in a warm and open setting.