One of the main aims of Eremeran is to nurture, from a young age, a culture of service and awareness of the needs of others. The opportunity of making a difference, no matter how small, in the life of another, enables young people to acquire invaluable life skills and mature in their understanding of the world. We offer regular volunteering opportunities as well as Service Projects.

Service Projects

During the school holidays Eremeran organises a longer service project in rural Australia or overseas. We organise local projects for the younger grades. As the girls grow in experience, we invite them to attend interstate projects in cities like Brisbane, Melbourne and Tasmania, and international projects in countries like New Zealand, the Philippines and Mexico.

Every participant completes an online application form and has an interview to discuss the demands of the project. Training sessions are designed to help them prepare for the project and get the most out of their experience. For enquiries email admin@eremeran.org.au.

Regular Community service

Eremeran provides training for students who would like to commit to regular volunteer work. The volunteering opportunities are designed to expose students to a variety of human needs in and around Sydney. The main areas of volunteering include visiting elderly people, assisting children and adolescents with special needs, and outreach to migrants and refugees. The DREAM Project is an initiative of university students who provide academic coaching and life skills to refugee students in schools. For more information on the DREAM Project click here. Eremeran provides ongoing support to volunteers as well as the professional organisations it provides volunteers for