One of our main aims is to foster a culture of study and love for the truth. The Study Programs encourage the girls to develop strong habits in a quiet, distraction free environment. Some of the benefits of studying at Eremeran are that the girls learn how to work in a team, and help each other through their good example and positive attitude towards their academic work.

Study Program

Every afternoon high school students come to Eremeran for supervised study sessions. The girls are invited to have afternoon tea followed by two 45 minute study sessions from 4-6pm. Some weeks, the girls have a meditation or a talk which complements their study.

During exam periods we organise more intense study sessions at Eremeran and weekends away. We help the girls to make personal study goals and provide opportunities for them to receive one to one tutoring.

HSC Preparation

Year 12 students can come to study at Eremeran any day of the week. During the winter holidays we co-organise with Creston College an intensive preparation for the HSC. This Program provides a stimulating academic environment for supervised study and private, subject-specific tuition by outstanding HSC graduates and professionals. Operation HSC is in high demand and students are encouraged to apply in term 2.

Meet the Professionals

Meet the Professionals is a series of informal gatherings by professionals and university students from different fields who share valuable career advice and experience. Each gathering features a different profession such as medicine, law, science, education, engineering, hospitality, etc. The evening begins with a presentation by the guest speakers followed by Q&A and refreshments.