The Clubs are purpose built programs for girls in Years 5 to 9 which aim to help them grow in a fun and attractive way. Club 56 is the program for years 5 to 6 girls which is held fortnightly on Friday afternoons. Club 7 to 9 is held weekly on Saturday afternoons. The activities change from week to week, exposing the girls to enriching experiences where they can acquire a range of skills.

At the beginning of each Club session, the girls receive a talk on a practical aspect of a virtue which is reinforced by the good example of the mentors. Eremeran has a Club Code which highlights values that are important in the holistic development of the girls. We reward the girls who strive to live the Club Code throughout the year.

The camps are holiday programs for girls who attend Club activities. They provide an opportunity for the girls to strengthen their friendships and practice their goals in a relaxed environment. The Summer Camp is held every January for Years 5 to 8 girls. Each year it has a different theme related to the objectives of the camp.


In order to aid the personal development of each girl, Eremeran has an informal mentoring system built on friendship and trust, where each girl can talk on a regular basis with one of the youth leaders. Mentoring helps the girls to grow in self-knowledge and work on personal goals in a relaxed and safe environment. With her mentor, each girl applies what she learned in the talks and activities to her own circumstances, transforming inspiring ideas into concrete actions.

The mentors are older high school, university students and mothers who volunteer at the Club. Many of the girls who start at Eremeran in Year 5 go on to become mentors for the younger groups and in this way the Study Centre provides real role models for girls of all ages. The mentors meet with parents regularly to talk about their daughter’s goals and future aspirations. These meetings guarantee that Eremeran can support parents in the positive character development of their daughters.


One important aspect of the girl’s holistic development is their spiritual growth. Eremeran helps them to strengthen their personal relationship with God and live out their faith deeply and naturally in everyday life. The spiritual activities are age-appropriate, varying in frequency and depth, in accordance with their maturity. In each club activity, the girls receive a practical talk on an aspect of the Christian Faith. They can receive spiritual direction, confession and attend guided prayer in Eremeran’s chapel led by a priest of Opus Dei.

Eremeran offers monthly recollections and retreats for high school students through to university students. The recollection is a time of reflection and prayer. It includes a talk on Christian life, spiritual reading, meditation, and Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament. The high school recollection is held every 3rd Saturday of the month from 4-6pm. Weekend retreats are an opportunity to deepen ones friendship with God, get to know oneself better and make practical resolutions for everyday life. It includes daily Mass, time for personal prayer and talks on central themes related to living a Christian life.

All the spiritual formation is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.